Kids Bios

Hola! Ciao! Bonjour! reunirse Mateo.

That means  "Hello, meet Matthew"

I was just 9 yrs. old when REACH-IN started. Mom says, I'm one of the reasons it did.  My 3 favorite hobbies are learning about dinosaurs, speaking foreign languages, and writing my own stories about my life with Autism.  

Hi. I'm Isabel.

I love getting my face painted at REACH-Kids.  My favorite animal is the fox.  And my favorite pet are cats.  I have lots of cats.  And I'm an expert about everything Pokémon!

Hi! I'm Quinton.

I love sharks and dinosaurs.  Just ask me.  I'll tell you everything you wanna know about 'em..Rrrroar!  See what I made?  It's a giant cupcake!  I make cupcakes with play doh, too.

Hi. My name is Jackson.

I'm Quinton's big brother.  I love robots and playing with my friends every Thursday.  This Summer at Saturday Playgroup, we got to play in water sprinklers!

I'm "Big Jack"

I love trampolines. But, my favorite thing to do is Special Olympics Bowling. I don't know, but I think the girls say I'm cute because I'm an Olympian.

Meet brothers J.B., Hosiah and Isaac.

Well howdy! I'm Abby.

I'm one of the REACH-Kids Staff.  My brother is Matthew.  These kids are very artsy as you can see.   I'm their facepage  palette every week.  What do you think?

Hey everybody, I'm Elaina.

I'm also a REACH-Kids Staffer.  I've been working childcare for REACH-IN for several years.  I enjoy horses and soccer. These kids ROCK!

My name is Landon.

My favorite part about REACH-Kids is the monthly playgroup.  We get extra special stuff to do and more time to do it...3 whole hours!  

Guess who?

My name is Mason.  I'm in the red shirt.  And I'm Eli in the gray shirt. We just met for the first time. Already friends.  We have something in common...our Grandma's bring us to REACH-Kids.  Grandma, you're the best!

Meet our Teens

Our REACH-Teens have a hangout all to themselves with a Wii & DVD player.

L-R  Taylor, Noah, Isabel, Elijah and J.B.

Here's Ms. Ellen

She's our Music Therapist from Sweet Behavior Services.  Her music helps our minds and bodies deal with all kinds of sensory stuff.  

Ms. Holly

Ms. Holly is our substitute Music Therapist.  She brings a bag full of instruments.

Counter Clockwise:  Ms. Holly, Quinton, King Kong, Ben, Eli, Ellie, Ezra, Jackson, Isabel.

Ms. Sheri

Ms. Sheri is a kid at heart.  She likes playing with us.  We can tell because she's always got a toy in her hands.  She has lots of love and affection for all of us.  Here she's playing with Mason, and that's Isaac on the right.

Snack Time!

Fruit gummies, chips, and juice, Oh, my!  When somebody has a birthday we celebrate with cupcakes.  With so many of us there's a birthday nearly every month!  Yum Yum 

Hi there. My name is Taylor. I love hanging out with my girlfriends. We do crafts and play all sorts of fun stuff.

Hey I'm Blake 

I like going to Chuck E Cheese with my niece Aaliyah. I have a dog named Brutus. I like playing special Olympics sports. My favorite animal is the Macaroni Penguin.