Early Signs of ASD

  1. Avoids or doesn’t like eye contact
  2. Failure to respond when the child’s name is called (the child may initially be suspected to be deaf)
  3. Inability to point at objects or things of interest, or failure to demonstrate interest
  4. Generally wants to be alone
  5. Failure to understand or to acknowledge other people’s feelings, as well as their own
  6. Experiences echolalia or the tendency to repeat words and phrases uttered by other people over and over again
  7. Tends to give unrelated answers to questions asked to them
  8. Obsessive interests
  9. Loves to flap hands, spin in circles, and rock the body
  10. Gets upset by minor changes in daily activities
  11. Exhibits low to zero social skills
  12. Shows unusual reactions like over- or under-sensitivity to the sound, smell, taste, look, and the feel of various things
  13. Tends to reverse the use of pronouns and use “you” instead of “I”
  14. Detests or avoids physical contacts
  15. Demonstrates little attention to safety and greatly unaware of danger

(Source) Autism Parenting Magazine